47,301 cool products, $159,057.89 hunter rewards generated over 349 days on top of Steem Blockchain

Bridging Makers to

HUNT is home to product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. Our blockchain-powered token economy and apps are bridging makers to early-adopters for their successful product launch.

DApps to Boost Launching Hypes by Product Enthusiasts

The goal of HUNT platform is to create a decentralised ecosystem by providing dapps and 3rd-party services that enable product makers to utilise the power of product lovers.

Steemhunt - a ranking community for product enthusiasts to discover cool new products

Reviewhunt - a marketing channel where makers suggest bounty missions for early-adopters

Ideahunt - a crowdfunding platform where early-adopters can trade their backer’s non-fungible tokens

Steemhunt LIVE

Daily Ranking for Effortlessly Cool Products That Rewards Hunters

Steemhunt is a community for geeks, alpha nerds, and product enthusiasts who love to dig out new products and talk about them with others. We call them “Product Hunters.” To keep them motivated and maintain the community as an ad-free playground, we adopted Steem blockchain to reward them with cryptocurrency for their dedicated activities.


Number of products shared since Mar 2018


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Review Campaign for Product Influencers to Unleash Launching Hype

Makers/companies spend an enormous amount of time/efforts to raise attention from early adopters because their word of mouth impact is exceptionally high. With Reviewhunt, it’s never been easier for makers to attract early-adopters by offering newly launched products with large discounts or bounties in return for quality reviews that will boost up their launching buzz.


Crowdfunding by NFT and Security Token Transactions

The crowdfunding market size is huge with over 30 billion USD. There are already many blockchain-based crowdfunding projects. In order to surpass the centralised players (such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe), we believe that the blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform should provide more differentiated values, rather than just the basics of accepting cryptos, reducing accounting cost, using smart contracts, and taking smaller cuts.

Ideahunt will utilise NFT (Non-fungible token) and potentially security token transactions for the crowdfunding/ backing activities, so that the backer’s actions will be linked with the pre- market valuation of the crowdfunding products.

HUNT Token Economy

Tokens that Create an Interchangeable Ecosystem between Makers and Hunters

Use Case 1

Hunters earn HUNT tokens by sharing/upvoting cool new products in the Steemhunt community.

Use Case 2

Makers buy HUNT tokens to run review campaigns for hunters. Hunters can also use HUNT tokens to purchase products with a discounted price.

Use Case 3

Hunters use HUNT tokens to back crowdfunding projects, trade NFT (non-fungible tokens) and purchase products pre-launch.

Token Distribution

Transferring Token Holders to Real Users by Utilising Steem Community

The most important KSF (Key Successful Factor) of the HUNT platform is to build the real user base and amplify our community activities, rather than just focusing on the future token values. So, we are running a unique way to distribute our tokens - ecosystem and community building bounties over 300 days.

Ecosystem and community building 50%
Token swaps for Steem delegations 4.83%
Airdrops to Steem holders 3.63%
Role and promotion contributions 3.75%
Bounties for community participations 3.34%
Standby tokens for further distributions 34.46%
Reserve for future business development 20%
Team members (2 year vesting) 10%
Token sales via IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) 10%
2nd round funding 10%


Q1-2018 Launch
Q2-2018 Initiate HUNT token ecosystem bounties
Q3-2018 Launch blockchain account creation directly via
Q4-2018 Initiate Steem Witness node to expand community influence
Q1-2019 Create HUNT token wallet and initiate token listing strategy
Q2-2019 Issue HUNT ERC20 tokens and list on exchange markets
Q2-2019 Launch Reviewhunt beta version
Q3-2019 Launch HUNT token payment and exchange solution
Q4-2019 Launch Ideahunt alpha version with NFT feature support


We DON’T have time to Create
99% fictional paper.

Creating an eye-catching and highly detailed whitepaper becomes one of the most important parts for many blockchain projects. As well as platform coins, many decentralised applications are writing gazilion-page-long whitepapers - most of the contents are fiction and nobody bothers to finish reading it. HUNT platform is simple to understand, it’s a Steem dApp so there’s no need to explain the blockchain technology. Also, this is a community-oriented project, so the value of the token is highly linked to the community value. Thus, we have no reasons to create a complicated fiction paper, instead we should focus on building this community platform.

Read HUNT Pitch Deck (will be released to the public soon) Read Steem Whitepaper


Over 250 Community Members Worldwide Involved in Team Operations

Team (2)

Community Roles - Moderators (11)

Community Roles - Influencers (20)

Steem Power Sponsers (265) - $578,319.75 delegated